Bringing personal finance with heart

Cecilia knows that money is tied up with all sorts of powerful emotions. She bridges the gap between hard facts and techniques, with gentle examination and healing of our past money stories.

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Speaking topic

Knowing how to budget is only a small part of financial health. This talk is about the more important, but often neglected aspect of personal finance - the emotional aspect of money.

Learning how to heal your relationship with money will transform budgeting into one of joy and alignment with your values. I will share the 3 keys to a healthy relationship with money:

  • Three ways to heal your relationship with money
  • Three techniques to manage your money with joy
  • Three ways to establish your new money groove

Your attendees will learn how to transform your chaotic financial situation into one of peace and joy, learn techniques to get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, and become debt-free, and establish lifelong habits and patterns that help your money stay in sync with your life and values.

What she delivers

Cecilia knows that the secret of success with personal finance is (1) healing your relationship with money first and foremost (2) learning techniques that work with your personality and situation and (3) creating money habits that are as natural as breathing. She has done the inner work to heal her own relationship with money, and is now debt free. She now brings those lessons to you.

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