Do you want to create a lasting, lifelong transformation in your relationship with money?

Experience Financial Bliss!

We will work with old money patterns, understanding them and replacing patterns that no longer serve you. We will work to create a new, healthy relationship with money, where you are in control, and you are living your life according to your values!

Budget According to Your Values

Budgeting is often thought of as a restrictive process, designed to constrict you and make you feel guilty. I teach a dynamic budgeting process that frees you, allowing you to spend your money in alignment with your values and life goals.

Save Money

I know what it’s like to constantly fall into a debt cycle, or worry about paying your bills in your paycheck-to-paycheck life, and never be able to save for what you really want in your life. Together we will learn what makes you go into debt, and change our relationship with money so you are spending within your means, and saving for your goals.

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