How to Draw Strength From Your Tribe

Do you have nieces? I do, and they are amazing. Every time I see them, they remind me of the fearless person I was when I was a child, the person I always aspire to be now. My lovely sister has invited me to their soccer games, and every weekend I sit there on the sidelines watching, learning more about them, every single wet morning.

When they first started this season, they did well, but they weren’t communicating, and it seemed to my untrained eyes like they were eleven girls out on the field, all doing their own thing. They were all good, but… they were’t a team. But this last match I watched was amazing. They were no longer eleven girls. They were one team. One tribe. I watched them as they shouted instructions and advice to each other. They formed into strategic groups, then broke up and formed into different groups, as the situation warranted. They encouraged each other with every movement down the field, and every try for the goal. It’s only been 5 games, a little over a month, and they know each other so well.

And what have I learned from these hard-working pre-teens? I’ve learned that the power of women in sync, who are committed to teamwork without boundaries is the most powerful force in this world. It has made me appreciate anew the wonderful support group I have in my personal life. And it has made me appreciate the business network I’m building in my professional life.

But I want to take it one step further. I want to create a community of people that can support each other in their journey to a healthier relationship with money. So I’ve created a new Meetup group called Money Empowerment Monthly designed to be an open and safe environment for people to get together and help each other change their relationship with money. If you are in Portland or know someone who is, I would like to invite you to the inaugural meeting this October 24th (one week from now!) at 5:30pm at CENTRL Eastside. It is $15 if you sign up early, and $20 at the door!

Are you struggling with debt, spending, or your relationship with money? Schedule your free one-hour Money Empowerment Session to better understand your money stories, and get recommendations for taking the next step to healing your relationship with money!

I also run a group Money Empowerment Monthly meeting here in Portland! It is a safe, fun environment where you can talk about your greatest money fears and issues a facilitated peer group. You can sign up on Meetup.
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I work with individuals and couples to create a healthy relationship with money, in person or online. I can help you save money, pay down debt, and experience financial bliss! You can read more about working with me.