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I am a money coach. I help people understand their personal finances, align their financial situation with their values, and help create financial peace for themselves and their families.

One of the largest gaps in education at all ages and levels is personal finance. Money is important in all facets of our lives, and yet how many of us have had classes or education in how to manage our money? I’m willing to bet that very few of those of you reading this have had any kind of formal or informal education in personal money management.

You may have been taught what you know by your parents, either by what they’ve told you, or just by observing their behavior from afar. Maybe you watched them argue about money, or make poor decisions. Maybe you saw them make great decisions, but you don’t know why or how you made them, so you can’t replicate their success yourself. Whatever it may be, I can help. I can teach you how to budget (there’s that big bad word!), but not to limit you, but instead budget from a place of freedom and flexibility. I believe that your budget should follow and support your life, not be a rigid instrument to beat you up when you don’t “follow” it properly.

I will create a series of weekly articles, tips and tricks for how to get control of your finances, without having to be a math wiz, and without feeling guilty about your past or your decisions. Sign up in the box to the right to get these articles straight to your inbox.

— Cecilia Case, Money Coach

Are you struggling with debt, spending, or your relationship with money? Schedule your free one-hour Money Empowerment Session to better understand your money stories, and get recommendations for taking the next step to healing your relationship with money!

I also run a group Money Empowerment Monthly meeting here in Portland! It is a safe, fun environment where you can talk about your greatest money fears and issues a facilitated peer group. You can sign up on Meetup.
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I work with individuals and couples to create a healthy relationship with money, in person or online. I can help you save money, pay down debt, and experience financial bliss! You can read more about working with me or sign up for a free session! Let's Talk »