Success Stories

“Before we started working with Cecilia we thought we had it all figured out. We weren’t paying any interest on our credit cards and were saving a little. The problem was that we were living off credit card float. If at any moment our income stopped coming in, we would find ourselves a month behind, unable to pay our credit card and pay for our current expenses. This was especially problematic because we were working towards my husband taking off the summer to spend it with our daughters. We had NO idea where our money was going each month.

After a few months working with Cecilia, we eliminated our float, started saving toward those pesky “gotcha” items like repairs or annual fees (YUCK!) and were able to have my husband take 5 months off, stress-free, to spend with our girls and volunteer at school. We never would have been able to manage this with Cecilia and YNAB. There is no way we could thank her enough!” - Jamie M.

“I have great news!! I opened up all my accounts to my new husband and showed him all my hard work with the budget!! He is very relieved I finally have a system and I seem to know what I am doing. He was so impressed he is considering moving all his financial tracking over too!

And together we have sat down with each of the children and walked them through YNAB for their personal use and it is now a requirement to have their budgets up to date and maintained before receiving monthly allowances!! This is moving exactly how I hoped and it is such a relief to finally know what I am talking about and have an intuitive system that makes it easy for the process to continue.

It feels like I am in a great spot and this experience has literally been life changing.” - Kathleen M.

“This is the third budgeting course I’ve taken with Cecilia and the past three months have been personally transformative as a result! I began the process feeling a lot of anxiety about money and my finances after getting divorced, but after the first few classes it all suddenly felt manageable. Cecilia has a way of making you feel comfortable in class and she is skilled at facilitating difficult conversations with a lot of sensitivity (i.e. managing debt). She is able to explain budgeting in simple terms and make it all fun at the same time. I highly recommend her as a teacher! - Karina T.

From how I deal with it to how I use it, my relationship with money is getting better thanks in large part to Cecilia. I have worked with Cecilia during the first and second budget classes and have really enjoyed her approach, thoughtfulness and willingness to engage me and support my learning and growth. Cecilia is smart and enthusiastic and I would recommend taking the time to work with her when making important investments in yourself. - Robert p. S.

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