About Cecilia Case

Saving the world one budget at a time!

A positive and empowered relationship with money is possible! Together, we will examine past behaviors, history, and patterns related to your money relationship, to find a path towards healing and a more healthy relationship with money today and in the future.

I have wide-ranging interests and experiences, including working as an Electrical Engineer, User Experience Designer, and now as a Money Coach and Potter. I have spent most of my working life getting into and out of debt in a never-ending cycle. That is until I found a simple and dynamic budgeting method almost four years ago. Budgeting helped me get out of debt and stay out, while also helping me align how I earn and spend money in line with my values.

I love working with people in all walks of life, but specialize in:

  • Creatives and others with low-income situations
  • Those with highly variable incomes and situations
  • Couples and the complex interaction between personal relationships and money relationships
  • Uncoupling your money from another person, such as in divorce or separations

I work with individuals and couples to create a healthy relationship with money, in person or online. I can help you save money, pay down debt, and experience financial bliss! You can read more about my services and pricing or contact me at cecilia@ceciliacase.com for more information and to set up an initial strategy session.